Covid Response & Re-opening

Dear friends in Christ,

As noted in communications from our Archdiocesan Pandemic Response Team, our churches are now open and the Obligation to attend Sunday Mass, and Holy Day's of Obligation has been reinstated.

There is no blueprint for how society should emerge from a historic pandemic. In reality, we are all learning as we proceed through these unprecedented times. We ask that you be patient with church leaders and one another as we work through the complexities of re-opening our parishes.

Below are some key points to know as we commence our response to re-opening.

  • Masks are no longer required for vaccinated people in the State of Massachusetts. The State does advise that non-vaccinated people continue to wear masks.

  • Please note there will be no policing of masks or vaccinations (people are not to be asked whether or not they have been vaccinated).

  • We will continue to offer live-streaming of mass where possible.

  • Anyone is allowed to wear a mask if they so choose.

  • Collections may be taken up via baskets as has been traditionally done, this may take time to re-develop.

Please contact a member of clergy if you have any questions about our response to re-opening and continue to check our website and bulletins for updates.

Thanks to so many of you who assisted during these many months, ensuring our church was as clean and as safe as possible during the pandemic. Your generous giving of time, talent and treasure has been and is greatly appreciated.