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Upcoming Session

7:00pm on Friday, March 22, 2024 at St. Joseph’s hall (Pepperell): “Crocheting for Prayer and Ministry”

     Activities/events are open to all adults of our collaborative. There is no cost, but we request that you bring your own materials. To sign up, please email


Materials list

 For “Crocheting for Prayer and Ministry”

Yarn: You can use any material yarn for projects, either wool, acrylic, cotton, or combinations of these. Acrylic will be resistant to shrinking, but wool works just as well. Yarn is weighted different sizes 1-7 (thin to thick). #4 is typical of most projects, and will work well for the hats/headbands we’ll show. For this project I would look at yarn selections for what material you would like to use, the weight of the yarn on the label, and then pick the hook that is associated with that. 

Crochet hook: hooks are categorized by size, with smaller hooks associated more with thinner yarn, and larger with thicker. If you look on the label of any yarn you find, it should have which size hook to use with it. For this project, a size “H” or 5.0mm will work.

Accessories: Good scissors to cut yarn; stitch counters are sometimes used if using certain color schemes or challenging patterns, but will not be necessary for this project. 

     I would suggest using a metal hook, rather than plastic, as it will be easier to use. Here are some options: option 1, option 2, and option 3 (with larger handles, which can be more comfortable to hold).Caroline Stark (instructor)


     Do you have an idea or a creative skill (compatible with our Christian faith) that you would like to share with our community? Please email