pastor’s corner

Sunday, September 17, 2023

     Hello folks,

     The Lord be with you all!

     This past week has been a busy one with great blessings and of course a few challenges along the way.

     Firstly, my thanks again go out to all who prepared and executed a wonderful Collaborative Picnic on Sunday! In spite of having to move everything indoors, it was still a great event with a joyful spirit surrounding it. It was great for all those who enjoyed the food and conversation, some people sitting with people they had not met before, others with old friends. However, one of things that personally was very uplifting was how the groups worked together to pull it all off! This is no easy task, but they made it work well, and again did it in such a good spirit! 

     On Monday evening, together as members of our pastoral collaborative, we began our week of more intense prayer asking the Lord to reveal to us His vision for the Collaborative and to send us the people and the resources necessary to realize His vision. Just as we began, the Heavens opened up and our cell phones went into emergency alert mode warning us all to stay inside as the catastrophic rain fell. We did experience some minor flooding in Saint Joseph’s Hall but with early intervention and the help of neighbors, we were able to prevent it from developing into a worse situation. We added prayers the remaining nights for those hurt by this and other natural disasters locally and around the world, and for the first responders. As this bulletin goes to press, it is hard to guess what the results of our week of prayer will be, but I am confident that the more united we are in asking the Lord to become aware of His Will and how to accomplish His Will, the more likely we will be able to do just that! Please continue those prayers.

     As religious education starts up again, we appeal to all families to make every effort to renew this friendship that God grants us to have with Him. Any obstacles that might seem to be there, please bring them to Him and ask for His help to remove them. Don’t be afraid to even make sacrifices to spend time with Him, especially in His own house at Mass. 

     Next Saturday morning (9/23/23), I invite the men of the two parishes of our collaborative, who are fit and able enough, to join me for a hike up Mount Watatic. We will be leaving from the parking lot of Saint John’s in Townsend at 8:30am. Look forward to seeing you there!

God bless,

Father Maher